Aerial Portfolio

Aerial Video: Demo Reel

Take5 Digital acquired a professional drone in mid-2016. Since that time, we have worked on many aerial video projects for real-estate, non-profit, and other clients. Here is a sample of some of the aerial video that we shot in 2016.
This compilation perfectly demonstrates the versatility of drone video. We take a wedding video to the next level; showcase water sports where traditional filming methods would be impossible; exhibit a tourism destination; and share an often never-before-seen view of some magnificent gothic architecture.

Aerial Video: Trail Bike

This is an edit of a spec shoot of a trail biker enjoying an early evening ride. The goal was to demonstrate both the flexibility and capability of our aerial video drone. We shot this scene in under 20 minutes!

Aerial Video: Real Estate Shoot

Aerial videography and aerial photography has become very popular with real-estate agents, and for good reason. We have used our drone to perform this type of shoot for several real estate agent clients, as well as individuals conducting private sales.