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Branded Content: Delivering
Value to Your Audience

Every successful company offers a product or service that solves a customer problem, or meets a need. But before you can solve that problem for your customer, they have to know about you and your solution. That’s where branded content comes in.

With billions of online searches taking place every day, serving up relevant content which answers a customer question can help raise your brand awareness.

Whether you know exactly how you want to provide value, or need some guidance, our team will walk you through the steps needed to create content which is useful, shareable, and memorable.

Branded Content Ideas

Fishery creates seafood-inspired recipe instructional video

PC manufacturer partners with influencer to create review video

Paint company creates video series showing homeowners painting techniques

Cannabis grower creates video series to initiate and inform first-time users

  • Client: Angelo's Italian Bakery and Market
  • Agency: Take5 Digital
  • Production Company: Take5 Digital
  • Director: Nick Lavery
  • DP: Phong Tran