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Children’s Health Foundation has been raising funds for children’s health care and research at Children’s Hospital, TVCC and Children’s Health Research Institute for over 100 years. As part of their Moments campaign, we worked with CHF’s agency (sagecomm) to develop this commercial


To align with the concept “Moments”, we wanted to capture as many classic childhood moments as possible: from first steps, to the first day of school, a birthday party, and of course a scene in the hospital. Also, the Foundation wanted to ensure that we were representing a diverse range of real patient families in the video.


After writing a script for the video, we worked with CHF to identify patient families and locations for the video. After scouting each spot, our crew was confident that we would be able to get all the shots we needed across four locations in only two days. Our post-production team brought in ARTJAIL for the colour grade.


  • Client: Children's Health Foundation
  • Agency: Sagecomm
  • Production Company: Take5 Digital
  • Director: Nick Lavery
  • DP: Phong Tran

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