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Educating Bud Tenders with Good Supply

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Tilray is the largest Licenced Producer (LPs) of cannabis in Canada. Their umbrella of 20+ brands including Good Supply and RIFF generates over 200 million in revenue each year.

The company has many marketing channels but is also required to operate within the strict cannabis marketing guidelines set out by the Government of Canada.

In Canada, cannabis is sold online and through many retail outlets. Retail outlet employees (bud tenders) have the ability to influence customer buying decisions through recommendations provided in-store.


Our challenge was to educate bud tenders about the features and benefits of Good Supply’s Jean Guy liquid wax vape product in an entertaining and humorous way.


After doing a location scout and planning for the day, our crew worked quickly to overcome last-minute location changes, and creatively to take advantage of the creative opportunities that the space provided.

"Nick and the Gotham team were crucial in helping us bring our budtender education videos to life. Everything was managed, executed, and post-produced with diligence and excellence. We’ve since distributed this video to thousands of budtenders nationwide as part of retailer staff training and education modules – as well as to our internal sales team to help with product innovation training – with overwhelmingly positive feedback. We also made the videos available to consumers and the average view duration is nearly 85%, meaning we’re seeing higher-than-average audience retention."

Geoff Jones, Sr. Manager, Content Lead
  • Client: Good Supply
  • Agency: Take5 Digital
  • Production Company: Take5 Digital
  • Director: Nick Lavery
  • DP: Nik Pilecki

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