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Corporate Video Production

Bringing Corporate
Video Production to Life

Video is an integral part of any corporate communications strategy today – whether internal or external.

We have helped firms improve employee engagement by replacing dull and repetitive powerpoint presentations with video that cuts through the noise and gets the message across. We have increased site safety and improved equipment longevity by streamlining workplace safety and equipment training. And those are just examples of internal video communications.

We have empowered sales teams with the ability to communicate visually, aided recruitment efforts by highlighting company culture, and raised the profile of firms by creating brand anthem videos – a perfect way to share with the world what you stand for as a company.

No matter your communication challenge, our team will work with you to find how video can be integrated into the solution.

Brand Anthem Films

A brand anthem film’s purpose is to inspire your audience. And that audience is not necessarily just consumers or clients. It is meant for employees, investors, partners – anyone who may connect with your organization in any way.

It is not a commercial and it’s not meant to market a specific product or service. Its use is much more broad. From website and social media, to conferences and employee onboarding – a great brand anthem video can quickly and concisely communicate what your organization is all about (in 1-2 minutes).

Corporate Video for Internal Use

For many organizations, it is by closely following certain processes and procedures that they are able to consistently deliver the results that clients expect. Take our client Mobil Services for example. Their striping team is responsible for painting many of the lines and markers on our city streets. And to help them ensure quality and safety on every job we created a training video which their employees can now reference during training, and any time during their work. This way, they get the same information (and correct information) every time. The result is improved quality of work, improved maintenance and longevity of equipment, and reduced time spent delivering training.

In another case, Stelco found that significant employee time was being wasted by having to deliver a 15 minute visitor orientation presentation every time a visitor needed to come on site. With contractors, investors, students, and other individuals visiting the site daily, this wasted time was adding up quickly.

The video we created for them covers all the necessary information while providing visual references so viewers can better understand what is being communicated.

Corporate Video for External Use

Video has consistently proven to be one of the most effective modes of communication online. Whether it’s on your social media, website, email newsletter, or YouTube channel, video is the best way to make visitors stop scrolling and take in your content.

A corporate video can sell a specific product or service, promote a community or charitable initiative, raise awareness about a company, or even serve as a recruiting tool.


Storytelling has been a popular buzzword in the marketing world for some time now, but for good reason. Good storytelling has the power to capture the attention of an audience and increase the likelihood of a viewer watching a video from start to end. It also increases the likelihood of the audience developing a connection to the characters (either people or products) that are part of the story.

“But I have a specific message I need to communicate! A story will just get in the way.”

Using a focus on narrative approach does not preclude the communication of important information: in fact, it has been shown that viewers retain more information when it is communicated in the form of a story.

Efficiency Nova Scotia Bright Business Awards: Bridgewater

  • Client: Efficiency Nova Scotia
  • Agency: Take5 Digital
  • Production Company: Take5 Digital
  • Director: Nick Lavery
  • DP: Nik Pileki

Healthcare Communications

Communicators in the healthcare industry have unique challenges and unique opportunities. We have worked directly with hospitals, long term care (LTC) facilities, and through agencies to tell patient stories and promote the work of healthcare professionals and researchers.

Fundraising to develop new treatment methods and to support ongoing research is a constant undertaking. Using video to share with stakeholders what has already been achieved is a great way to encourage giving.

Mini Case Study

Calvin and Katharina are twins who were born prematurely. We collaborated with Postmedia Content Works to share the story of their birth, their mother’s bravery and faith, and the Children’s Hospital in London.

We conducted a live interview with (the mother) Charlotte using the interproton technique. Using mirrors, we played a live video feed of our producers on a teleprompter directly in front of the camera lens. This way, Charlotte was able to look directly at the camera to share her story while having the comfort of talking to another person, rather than looking directly into the lens.

Both twins survived their premature birth, but now live with complications. We filmed at their home, and at the Children’s Hospital to capture the impact that the Hospital had on all of their lives. The video was used by the communications department of the Children’s Health Foundation and the CEO of the hospital in various fundraising events and stakeholder meetings.

Children’s Health Foundation – Calvin and Katharina

  • Client: Children's Health Foundation
  • Agency: Postmedia Content Works
  • Production Company: Take5 Digital
  • Director: Nick Lavery
  • DP: Phong Tran

Industrial Sector

Your plant or facility is the lifeblood of your organization and a Facility or Plant Overview Video is the perfect way to keep all stakeholders updated. Whether its a c-suite executive who doesn’t regularly visit the plant floor, investors from around the world, or community members, many people will be interested to learn more about your processes. If you have state-of-the-art technology, this type of video can also be a great tool for your marketing and sales teams.

And when it comes to keeping top-secret processes confidential while still engaging with stakeholders, we are experts. We are regularly trusted by clients to protect their proprietary processes, and this is done from carefully vetting team members all the way through to securely storing footage on our server.

Client Profile: Stelco Inc.

For over 100 years, Stelco has been producing steel products in Canada. Since 2016 we have worked with a number of departments at the company to produce videos for both internal and external use.

Our Work with Stelco Inc.

  • Health and Safety: WHIMIS and WSIB
  • Services Provided: Filming, Aerial (drone) Video, Photography, Editing and Animation
  • Days on site: 15 Videos Produced: 7