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Achieving Excellence With The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

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Established in 1994, the Canadian Medical hall of Fame (CMHF) is a national charity honouring Canadian health heroes and inspiring the pursuit of careers in the health sciences. Youth are crucial in creating a healthier tomorrow and CHMF is dedicated to helping youth start their journey, whether through educational programs or student awards.


The Hall’s marketing team came to us to create an informational video that would convey key facts about the CMHF, spread awareness of their mission in inspiring the next generation of medical professionals and reach out to youth through an effective, creative, digital approach for use at in-person events and online.


The Take5 team worked closely with the Canadian Medical of Fame to create a commercial for their website. After determining the story for the video, we developed the script, found filming locations for different scenes, and recruited actors. This was a large production and the on-site shoot spanned over 3 days. In order to make the final product meet the vision of our client, we held online meetings to determine the details and polish the final product as a group.


The CMHF debuted the film during an in-person event at their newly unveiled location to (great reception). The director’s cut, which was shared widely by all key project participants, is also available below.

"The team at Take5 Digital are terrific collaborators. Their flexibility, openness to feedback, and willingness to get creative with us was of tremendous value. The high quality of their filming and strong network of talent speaks for itself. "

Lissa Foster, Executive Director
Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
  • Client: Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
  • Production Company: Take5 Digital
  • Director: Brandon Cox
  • DP: Nik Pilecki

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