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About Us

Company Background

Take5 Digital is a full-service creative video production company. We have been serving clients in London, Toronto, and across Canada since 2012. Our approach is collaborative and creative: we work with our clients’ budget and objectives to create videos that engage viewers and move them to action.

Our Team

When you hire Take5 Digital to produce a video, you are hiring a collection of diverse talents each with their own role in bringing your vision to life. Even with all of our internal capabilities, our videos typically require that we pull as many as 10 additional crew members from our network of talented freelancers. It is in this way that we can deliver top talent for each of our projects while keeping those projects on budget.

This means writers and casting specialists during pre-production, lighting, sound, hair, makeup, and camera assistants during production, and animators, colorists, and sound mixers during post-production.

When working with us, you can rest assured that we will assemble the right crew to execute your vision and deliver on your expectations.


Creative Concept Development

From YouTube to TikTok, the internet is saturated with video content. If you need your video to stand out, start with a creative concept.


Our experienced writers can craft the perfect narration, dialogue, or scripted interview to tell your story.


Pre-production is the foundation that ensures the rest of the production goes as planned. And there is so much more involved than location scouting.


Our talented crews work with top-of-the-line equipment so that we can show you, your company, or brand in the best light possible.


Some say that the editing suite is where the magic happens, but really it’s just top-notch editors doing what they do best.

Colour Grading

A crucial and often overlooked step, colour grading is what gives your commercial or film its own polished and unique look.

Platform Specific Delivery

We can provide cut-downs (shorter duration), and multiple aspect ratios (wide, square, tall) to meet the needs of every platform from YouTube to IGTV.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does video production cost?

    It’s no surprise that this is the question that everyone asks before proceeding with a project. And rightly so! Video projects are so unique, and have so many variables that we can’t punch a few numbers into a formula and provide a price just like that.

    We usually ask our clients to give us a rough idea of their target budget, and what they are hoping to create, communicate, or achieve. From there, we will develop a concept that we can execute within that budget in a unique and high-end fashion.

    Tldr: if you want a ballpark figure, just send us a sample video you like. Otherwise, we’ll work with your budget to create a great video. Most of our projects fall in the 5k-25k range.

  • How long does it take to make a video?

    Professional video production requires a great deal of work which often goes unnoticed. Before the cameras can roll, we need to find locations, cast for each role, write the script, and much more.

    Most commercial shoots take 1-3 days, and editing can take anywhere from a week to over a month.

    Then we have to factor in the approval process on your end. Which stakeholders need to weigh in and approve our work at each step? Sometimes it’s just one signature at the end, and sometimes it’s dozens at each step of the way. This needs to be factored in too.

    On average, a project will take 4-8 weeks from greenlight to delivery.


  • Are you available for travel / location shoots?

    Take5 Digital is based in London, ON and our focus is serving video production clients SW Ontario and the GTA. But we’re not limited to those regions. We’ve traveled from coast to coast in Canada to ply our craft, and as far north as Fort McMurray. We are also available for out-of-country shoots in special cases.

Our Case Studies